S3/S4 Standard Grade Course Outline

Welcome to your first year of Standard Grade PE. Here you will find information regarding your course, the activities your class will be completing and the changeover dates. You will also find powerpoint presentations from your theory classes, homework, workbooks, revision sheets and much more. Please use this site to gain more knowledge and access further relevant information specific to you and your course.

There are three main elements in the course:

  • Practical Performance – develops your ability in a range of the activities listed above.
  • Knowledge and Understanding – develops your knowledge of the practical activities you are doing, leading to a better understanding of how to improve skills and fitness.
  • Evaluating – develops your ability to analyse practical performance using knowledge and understanding already gained.

Throughout the 2 year course pupils are given many resources ranging from activity specific workbooks, an overall workbook, textbooks, homework booklets and access to past papers and evaluating resources.

Areas of knowledge covered within SGPE are Rules, Roles, Skill Learning and Skill Development, Mechanical Principles, Structure and Function of the Body, Aspects of Fitness and Training Principles and the effects of training.


Standard Grade Physical Education is assessed at Foundation, General and Credit levels.
Standard Grade PAST PAPERS can be found on the SQA website.
Knowledge and Understanding and Evaluating are assessed by an external examination based on a video presentation, set and marked by the SQA.


Practical Performance==
This is assessed internally by the school.

50% of your final mark will be made up from your practical performance. You will be assessed 1 - 7 in 5 different activities:
  1. Badminton
  2. Basketball
  3. Gymnastics
  4. Hockey
  5. Volleyball

You will also take part in a Thematic Studies aspect of your course.

The top 4 practical grades will go towards your final practical mark (your lowest grade will be ignored).

End of component written tests are also completed after the completion of each activity block.
Ongoing assessment takes place through both homework and class work.




Successful completion of this course will normally lead to study at the following levels:
A pass at Foundation Level - Intermediate 1
A pass at General Level - Intermediate 2
A pass at Credit Level - Higher