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Thursday 5th September
In the practical lesson today you completed a Cooper Test due to your own analysis of the Pacetracker app results.
In the theory lesson you were shown the National Averages for the Cooper test in order that you could compare your results.
In addition you were then shown the slides that stated the reaons why we test fitness. See the slides from the class below

During the periods that I was not with the class you were asked to analyse your data collection from the Pacetracker app on the ipad. This was done in your jotter

Thursday 22nd, Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th August
Over the last 3 double periods we have completed the initial assessment of your fitness by using the Pacetracker app on the ipads.
This will allow us to analyse your data and come to a conclusion on which aspect of fitness is your major weakness.
Homework for Monday 2nd Sept
1. Describe, in detail, the initial assessment that you completed in order to assess your fitness requirements (4 marks)

Tuesday 20th August
IN class today we looked at the remaining Skill related aspects of fitness. You were then asked to complete a task explaining the importance of one of these aspects of skill related fitness in a sport of your choice.
We then went onto to describing and explaining Mental aspects of fitness. Below are the slides from todays lesson.

Homework due for Monday 26th August
1. Successful performance in any activity demands some aspect of all of these types of fitness.

  • Physical Fitness
  • Skill-related Fitness
  • Mental Fitness

Choose Football. Discuss the importance of one aspect of each of these types of fitness that you needed for successful performance in Football. (6 marks)


Monday 19th August
In class today we introduced Physcial and Skill Related Aspects of Fitness. You were asked to complete a task where you explained the importance of an aspect of physical fitness in a sport of your choice. Below are the slides you were shown

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