Miss Henderson's Homework due Tuesday 10th May 2011

All questions should be answered in your jotter or on a piece of paper and in sentences. Use books, the internet and your classroom work to help you answer the questions.

Any problems - please ask before the day homework is due. Good luck!

Standard Grade PE Thematic Study Homework Sheet 1 - Warm Up

1. Why should you warm up before any game or activity?

2. Is there any other reason? (the answer is not 'no'!)

3. What happens to the following during a planned workout?
  1. Heart rate
  2. Pulse rate
  3. Body temperature
  4. Breathing rate
  5. Oxygen in blood
  6. Joints
  7. Tendons/muscles

4. What are the 3 important stages of a warm up?

5. How long should you hold a stretched muscles for and why?
a) About 5 seconds
b) About 10 seconds
c) About 15 seconds

6. In which order should you do your stretching?


7. Why?