Pupils are expected to bring with them appropriate kit to take part in PE at Gleniffer High School. This includes:
  • Red T-shirt
  • Black shorts or joggers
  • Indoor/outdoor trainers depending on your activity.
  • Shin guards if taking part in hockey.
  • A warm jumper or jacket if you are outside
  • A hair tie if you have long hair to tie it back
  • A bottle of water to rehydrate after or during activity

No Kit Policy

Gleniffer High School P.E. department seeks to develop an ethos of participation. This is vital for a pupils success and for pupils to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. We have a stock of freshly laundered GHS P.E. kit that can be loaned to pupils who have forgotten kit. However this will be supported with an appropriate sanction.

  • 1st No Kit - Warning and recorded
  • 2nd No Kit - Warning and recorded
  • 3rd No Kit - 1st letter home to parent/guardian from class teacher, recorded and department detention
  • 4th No Kit - Recorded and department detention
  • 5th No Kit - 2nd letter home to parent fro/guardian from Principal Teacher or PE, recorded and department detention
  • 6th No Kit - Recorded and department detention
  • 7th No Kit - 3rd letter home to parent/guardian from Depute Head of year, 1st parental interview, recorded and department detention
  • 8th No Kit - Recorded and department detention
  • 9th No Kit - 4th letter home to parent/guardian from Head Teacher, 2nd parental interview, recorded and department detention

Pupils should only be excused from participation in PE if they have SIGNED NOTE from a parent or guardian. This should state why the pupil is not taking part in PE that day and if this is an on-going injury or ailment.

Excused pupils will be expected to accompany their class and assist in a non playing roles such as umpire, score keeper etc. If this is impractical then the pupil will be placed in with another class to observe or given written work to complete to help further their knowledge on how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

If pupils are not participating they should still bring their kit to change into to fulfill their non-playing role.

Changing Room Policy

At Gleniffer we have 4 boys and 4 girls changing rooms that are used for all classes throughout the day. Pupils are allocated a changing room for their class and this is pinned to the door of all changing rooms. Pupils are expected to get changed quickly, quietly and without any issues and report to their working area within 10 minutes of the school bell sounding. All changing rooms are locked for the duration of a pupils class by their class teacher or fellow colleague.

  • Change quickly and quietly - you should be in your class ready to begin 10 minutes after the bell
  • Alert your class teacher immediately if you are unable to participate or have forgotten you kit and kit will be issued in exchange for your tie.
  • Valuables including mobile phones and jewelery should be left in your bag in a zip pocket in the changing rooms - these will be locked.
  • Long hair MUST be tied back and all earrings, rings, necklaces and peircings removed.
  • Borrowed kit, including shoes, MUST be returned to your teacher and your tie will be returned to you.
  • Spray deodorants, hairsprays or any other aerosol cans MUST NOT be used in the changing rooms - this can irritate allergies.
  • Get changed in your allocated changing room with your class unless otherwise instructed to by your teacher.